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About Store4HUC

The European project Store4HUC develops solutions for renewable energy sources and their storage in historical city centres. Due to strict regulations to protect historical buildings, it is difficult to supply and store renewable energy in listed monuments.

Store4HUC addresses this challenge by providing solutions for adaptation of low-carbon energy supply and storage in historical urban centres and providing tailor-made tools to assess both the impact of energy storage and energy independence. The project pilots its tools in 4 historical urban buildings in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

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Renewables in Historical Buildings

Our project pilots innovative systems for renewables and energy storage in listed buildings in four locations:

Croatia: the Bračak Manor near the city of Zabok is a historic building under cultural heritage protection. It will see the installation of a photovoltaic system and battery storage, as well as upgrade in existing building management system.

Italy: for the inclined elevator connecting a parking lot with the main square of the city center in the city of Cuneo, a new storage system linked to a photovoltaic plant will replace the conventional chemical-based battery.

Slovenia: Lendava’s library, a neo-baroque villa (1906) will be connected to the district heating network and a paraffin cell buffer-based energy storage system will be implemented.

Austria: In Weiz, the listed church and parish will be supplemented with a hot water storage tank to enhance the energy management provided by the city’s biomass heating plant.

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Outlook: Thermos Flask Serves as Example for Sustainable Energy Storage

In a fascinating new project, the citizens of Heidelberg receive a new sustainable energy storage tower with award-winning look. This energy storage tower will be completed in 2020 and is more than a sustainable energy storage cylinder: a knowledge center, tourist attraction and hopefully a city icon.

The complex will be one of the tallest buildings in Heidelberg and a strong symbol of the city’s transition towards renewable energy. The existing cylindrical-shaped storage center is transformed into a dynamic sculpture hosting a knowledge hub on sustainable energy, a restaurant and a rooftop terrace with panoramic view over the city. The energy and future storage system makes this energy system exciting: when a lot of electricity is needed, the heat generated at the same time is stored, just to be released again when it gets cold - like in an oversized thermos flask.

This sustainable energy storage replaces oil and gas during cold weather peaks with heat from renewable energies such as warm water and combines heat and power generation.

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Project News

First pilot deployment desk meeting in Croatia

Old and modern in symbiosis? Why not! It is a practice that has been nurtured in Western European countries for years, now Croatia catches up with its numerous prestigious cultural sites. In Croatia, cultural monuments are defined by the constitution and local authorities work closely together with regional and national authorities as well as NGOs active in the field of historic building conservation.

With the goal of extending the life of these buildings and enhancing the sustainability of cultural objects, our Croatian partners, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency and University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, held local kick-off event for involving stakeholders in Bračak Energy Center on 16th of September, with representatives of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, HEP (Croatian national energy company), Zagorje Development Agency, Conservation Department in City of Krapina, Croatian Association of Historic Towns and Krapina-Zagorje County.

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Press Release of Store4HUC available

Store4HUC released the first Press Release. In this short English presentation of the project activities, a summary of the project aims, an implementation overview and further description of the pilot sites offer short and on-the-point background information for journalists.

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