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FOURTH Store4HUC Newsletter

About Store4HUC

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Store4HUC Newsletter. The European project Store4HUC develops solutions for renewable energy sources and their storage in historical city centers. Due to strict regulations to protect historical buildings, it is difficult to supply and store renewable energy in listed monuments.

Store4HUC addresses this challenge by providing solutions for adaptation of low-carbon energy supply and storage in historical urban centers and providing tailor-made tools to assess both the impact of energy storage and energy independence. The project pilots its tools in 4 historical urban buildings in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Visit our website to learn more: Store4HUC website

Bračak Manor in Croatia

In Croatia, the so called Bračak Manor has been chosen as the pilot site. The Manor is a protected cultural and heritage monument listed in Register of Cultural Goods of the Republic of Croatia. Within the Store4HUC project it is planned to install a properly sized photovoltaic system and battery storage in addition to the already installed air-water heat pump and the advanced central BMS system. Because of the cultural heritage protection, the competent authority needs to approve the planned investments within the project after the planning phase is finished. Therefore, the department that deals with the preservation of cultural heritage sites is an important stakeholder. In addition to that there have been six other stakeholders, like the Regional energy agency which is in service of energy transition or identified “Experts in the field of Energy efficiency and renewable energy storages”. A first action plan of the involvement of these stakeholders has also been created and will be updated time by time. At the end every stakeholder should gain a benefit for participating in the project, either it is an advanced knowledge of the integration of storages in historical urban centres or some new ideas for other similar sites, etc.

Read the description of the pilot: Store4HUC website.

The Autarky Rate Tool - Easy storage calculations for everyone!

This easy-to-use online tool now supports everyone who considers installing electrical storage solutions in combination with renewable energy sources

The Store4HUC project now offers the so-called Autarky Rate Tool to address such conflicts. This easy-to-use online tool is available for everyone who considers installing electrical storage solutions in combination with renewable energy sources. With only a few numbers and clicks, you can get an evaluation of the technical, economic and ecological effects of a chosen combination. It is now possible for everyone who plans to change to renewable energy use and needs electrical storage to learn how self-sufficient the planned change will make them.

The tool is freely accessible and available to all those interested in the installation of electrical storage in combination with renewable energy sources. The aim is to motivate the users to deal with the topic in more detail and subsequently to contribute to an increased and intelligent use of electric storage solutions and contribute to the reduction of carbon-based energy sources.

Read more: Store4HUC Website

Optimal Sizing Calculator - A tool to combine energy storage and photovoltaic systems!

For those working in the sector of energy efficiency, we present the Optimal sizing calculator. It is an in-depth Tool for the advanced users like energy experts and others working in that field. Optimal parameterisation of photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems are supporting the customers to save costs and be more environmental friendly at the same time!
Photovoltaic (PV) systems are widespread renewable energy sources that can be installed at a variety of locations. Because of their sun dependence, they provide more than enough energy during the day, but no energy during the night. Since the prices of selling electrical energy to the utility grid are considerably lower than the prices of buying the energy, having a battery energy storage system (BESS) can ensure that the excess of energy is stored and used later. Not only does a PV system in a combination with a BESS reduce monthly electricity bill for a consumer, it equally contributes to the environmental protection in terms of reduced CO2 emissions.
To maximize the contributions while minimizing the price of the installations, the calculator finds the optimal sizes of a PV and a BESS for a site. Those sizes are peak power of the PV system, energy capacity of the BESS, and power converter rated power of the BESS. The calculator uses typical yearly consumption profiles of a variety of consumers, but if you have your own consumption profile recorded you can use it to calculate your optimal parameters more accurately.

Read more: Store4HUC website

Investment specification for the integration of an energy storage in Cuneo, Italy

The investment specification document includes all the aspects to be evaluated therefor starting with investments and procurement procedure, including also the aspects already included in preliminary project design steps and energy audit where available.The storage will be installed next to the sloping elevator, located in the city of Cuneo.

The elevator is entirely located within the territory of the Municipality of Cuneo, inside the urban perimeter area, and was built by the Municipal Administration as a permanent public transport system. It's linking the free car parking area serving the sport facilities near the Gesso stream with the city centre, with the purpose of relocating the parking area for regular users outside the historic centre of the city.

Read more: Store4HUC website

Environmental Fair – Bingen University

5th of May 2021, Store4HUC presentation starts at 12:15 hours.

The Store4HUC team would like to invite you to attend its session in the Environmental Fair at Bingen University of Applied Sciences.

The fair has a good platform to get in touch with students and graduates of the Bingen University of Applied Sciences. For the Store4HUC Project, this means that the project can attract potential junior staff for its activities. The environmental fair also offers companies and students the opportunity to get to know each other with regard to the upcoming practical phase, so that they can implement their Bachelor's and Master's thesis there if necessary. The Store4HUC Project will be presented by Axel Veitengruber, a former Bingen University student, who now works for Climate Alliance and is attached to the Store4HUC Project .

Due to current circumstances, the Environmental Fair 2021 will take place for the first time in the form of an online fair.

You can find the login information on this link using the code: V7F61C.

For further information about the agenda use this link.

15th Building Energy Day Rhineland-Palatinate

Save the date: 10th of June 2021

The Store4HUC team would like to invite you to attend it's session in the 15th Building Energy Day of Rhineland-Palatinate.

With the support of the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry and in cooperation with the RLP Energy Agency, the Transferstelle Bingen is hosting the Rhineland-Palatinate Building Energy Day. The main focus of the scientific and political discussion is on efficiency measures, i.e. in particular the energetic refurbishment of buildings.

The Store4HUC presentation will be held in English language.

Further information here.


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