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FIFTH Store4HUC Newsletter

Making the Sloping Elevator in Italy Environmentaly Friendly

On Monday 3 May 2021, work began on transforming the lift into a "cleaner" means of public transport, an operation financed and promoted by the Interreg Central Europe Store4HUC project of which Cuneo is a beneficiary, together with Environment Park of Turin and eight other transnational partners. The lift energy transition project is one of the pilot actions through which Store4HUC is intending to test and demonstrate the feasibility of installing energy storage systems connected to renewable energy sources, even in challenging building environments like historic city centers.

Read the full text about the pilot: Store4HUC website.

The Cuneo pilot site video journey!

The construction work has been finished at the inclined lift in Cuneo, Italy. With the installment of photovoltaic modules along the track and the integration of an energy storage system, energy costs and green house gas emissions are being reduced.

We welcome you to take a few minutes and watch this little journey of the pilot site from the earlier stage to the finishing of the construction phase.


Video #1 - The sloping elevator is in the midst of construction!

Video #2 - The Pilot site has finished the construction phase!

The Slovenian pilot construction is done!

On World Earth Day, 22 April 2021, the Mayor of the Municipality of Lendava in Slovenia, Mr. Janez Magyar, symbolically handed over the pilot project in the field of renewable energy and its storage. Within the framework of the European project Store4HUC, another public building in the municipality of Lendava was converted from fossil fuels to renewable energy. With such projects, the Municipality of Lendava pursues the vision of a green future and a high quality of life.

Read more: Store4HUC website

Installing Slovenia's first paraffin based heating storage in Lendava!

The work is done and the construction is finished! The old oil-fired boiler plant of the Lendava Public Library is now replaced by a state-of-the-art paraffin-based latent heat storage, the first in Slovenia, and is now connected to the city's geothermal heating network. With this combination of renewable energy and storage capacity the conversions will immensly reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

Watch the video here!

The Optimal Heat Source Scheduler tool is here!

Installing a thermal storage to a heating system introduces flexibility which provides the possibility to control heat source(s) more efficiently. To ensure the maximal efficiency, the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler provides the user with an optimal schedule for the selected heat source(s) for a 24 hours’ period.

Read more: Store4HUC website

The second Leaflet is finished!

Check out our second Leaflet containing all the progress we have made in the project. It gives an overview about the pilot sites and what has been accomplished in each one of the four European countries. Furthermore, it also contains information about the tools which were created in the framework of the project and gives you a good overview about them.

You can read the Leaflet here!

About Store4HUC

The European project Store4HUC develops solutions for renewable energy sources and their storage in historical city centers. Due to strict regulations to protect historical buildings, it is difficult to supply and store renewable energy in listed monuments.

Store4HUC addresses this challenge by providing solutions for adaptation of low-carbon energy supply and storage in historical urban centers and providing tailor-made tools to assess both the impact of energy storage and energy independence. The project pilots its tools in 4 historical urban buildings in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Visit our website to learn more: Store4HUC website


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