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6th Store4HUC Newsletter

Join us at the Joint Final Event at Riva del Garda!

The final conference of the project is coming up soon! It will take place on the 23rd of March 2022 at the Riva del Garda Congress Centre in Italy. Since the project Store4HUC comes to an end this month, all achievements and results made through the project are presented.

You are very welcome to join us to learn all about the projects solutions and the pilot activities. Find out about tools which help your buildings to become more environmental friendly and more energy efficient. Those are tools like the TARGET-CE OnePlace platform, the Energy@School app, the Autarky Rate Tool, The Optimal Sizing Calculator and the Heat Source Scheduler.

Read the full text: Store4HUC website.

The Full Story of Store4HUC summarizing all developments and achievements in one short video!

We have just finalized our main project video, which sums up the projects progress made in the last 3 years. Learn all about the projects aims and solutions and pilot activities in one video. You can see how renewable energy resources and storage systems were implemented in four listed monuments.

Watch it here!

Video Tutorial for the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler!

The Optimal Heat Source Scheduler provides the user with an optimal schedule for one or more heat sources for a 24-hours period. For a better understanding of our second energy management system, the creator of this tool Filip Rukavina from the University of Zagreb has prepared two explanation videos. The first one begins with general information and an installation guide and the second one goes for an in-depth guide of the parameters which can be adjusted according to the users needs.


Video #1 - Optimal Heat Source Scheduler Installation Guide!

Video #2 - Optimal Heat Source Scheduler Parameters Guide!

Watch the second Webinar: Presenting the tools and the pilot action reults!

On the 1st of March 2022 the second Store4HUC webinar took place.
Since the first webinar focused on the four pilot projects, this event concentrated on the tools, which were developed within the project. The participants could learn all about the usage and benefits of the different tools.
Those Tools
are the Autarky Rate Tool, the Optimal Sizing Calculator and the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler
In addition to the tools the newest results of the project were presented.
Representatives of the four pilot projects shared the latest developments and activities.

Check out the whole agenda of the event on our website, CLICK HERE!

For further information you can have a look at the presentation materials, CLICK HERE!

For everybody who missed the Second Webinar or wants to watch it again the recording is available on our YouTube channel, CLICK HERE!


Read more: Store4HUC website

E-Brochure presenting the project was developed

To summarise all project progress in one document, we have created the Store4HUC eBrochure! In it you will find information about all pilot measures, the different tools developed, the results of the individual pilot projects and more. It gives you the best possible overview of what has been achieved and how we have improved energy efficiency at historic urban sites. But read it for yourself!

To download the brochure, CLICK HERE!

The Optimal Sizing Calculator is now available in different languages!

If you want to become more independent from the public energy supply this tool could be interesting to you.
The tool delivers you the optimal dimensions of a photovoltaic and battery energy storage system fitting your homes energy demand patterns. That way the contributions of the installation can be maximized while the costs are minimized. It can be used by expert users, since some knowledge is necessary. The tool is available in English, German, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian.
If you want to download the tool, you can do so by visiting our website. There you will also find additional information and a manual for the tool.

You can also find a short tutorial on our YouTube channel, CLICK HERE!

Read more: Store4HUC website

Bracak Manor adds photovoltaic and battery system to its landmark building

Bračak Mansion is already known as a place and example of how to renovate a listed building to the highest standards of energy efficiency using renewable energy.
With the implementation of this pilot project - the installed photovoltaic system and the battery system - Bračak Mansion will position itself even more on the map of excellence in energy efficiency.

If you are interested in seeing how the systems were implemented, watch the video by clicking below.

Read more: Store4HUC website

Testing of the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler in our Austrian Pilot Project!

To validate, improve and test the tools developed in the Store4HUC project, we used the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler in our biomass heating pilot plant in Weiz, Austria. There, the tool could be used to optimize the plant's heating schedule and develop ideas to improve operations, as well as to show the impact of the newly installed heat storage.
As data input, we used real data from two separate days, one cold day in January and one warm day in April.

Read more: Store4HUC website

Full video summary of the paraffin-based heat storage pilot at Lendava, Slovenia

After finishing the construction to replace the oil-fired boiler plant of the Lendava Public Library with a state-of-the-art paraffin-based latent heat storage, we present that process with this full video summary!

Read more:  Store4HUC website

Results from testing the sloping elevator in Italy

With the project slowly entering its last period, the first results of the pilot sites are coming in. The testing phase of the Cuneo pilot action on the sloping elevator lasted from October to November 2021, a period characterized by many cloudy days.
However the monitoring showed interesting results: during sunny days, the energy produced by the renewable system reached 74 % of the total energy need of the elevator.

For more pilot results, CLICK HERE!

You can also watch the presentation of some results on our YouTube channel, CLICK HERE!

Results from the energy storage installation at public library of Lendava in Slovenia:

The construction phase of the new pipeline connection started in January 2021 and was completed with the installation of the new storage system in February 2021.
Since the implementation of paraffin-based latent storages in connection with geothermal district heating systems has never been done before in Slovenia, the pilot side will serve as an important best practice example.
Through the project many results were achieved. By changing the heating system from an oil-fired boiler to a district heating system the energy efficiency was increased significantly.

For more pilot results, CLICK HERE!

You can also watch the presentation of some results on our YouTube channel, CLICK HERE!

Results from the Weizberg parish in Austria

The construction phase of the storage started in February 2020 and was completed with the installation of the water buffer storage at the end of June 2020. The installation of the water buffer storage was necessary, because there have been too high emission loads and there was no emergency boiler.

For more pilot results, CLICK HERE!

You can also watch the presentation of some results on our YouTube channel, CLICK HERE!

Expected Results of the Croatian Pilot Installation

The energy management of the versatile energy systems in Bračak Mansion, including heating, cooling, energy generation and storage, will enable the most economically and environmentally favourable mix of technologies to be explored in historic sites. The battery storage and photovoltaic system as a low-carbon energy source will be a good showcase for local authorities, which can benefit from improved energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy sources and lower energy costs.

For more pilot results, CLICK HERE!

You can also watch the presentation of some results on our YouTube channel, CLICK HERE!

About Store4HUC

The European project Store4HUC develops solutions for renewable energy sources and their storage in historical city centers. Due to strict regulations to protect historical buildings, it is difficult to supply and store renewable energy in listed monuments.

Store4HUC addresses this challenge by providing solutions for adaptation of low-carbon energy supply and storage in historical urban centers and providing tailor-made tools to assess both the impact of energy storage and energy independence. The project pilots its tools in 4 historical urban buildings in Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Visit our website to learn more: Store4HUC website


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